The Pieceful Hearts Quilters Guild meets monthly for fellowship and to encourage a common interest in the art of quilt making.  Members share a desire to promote and perpetuate all aspects of quilt making.   Knowledge, techniques and skills are shared with each other and the community through club programs, community outreach projects and demonstrations.  In addition, the guild periodically invites professional guest instructors to present workshops and seminars.  The guild hosts a quilt show every other year (odd years).


Don't forget:

  • Sign up for next year's SOM, The Case of the Escalating Module (CES)
  • Register for the One Day Mystery Workshop
  • Start working on your 2021 Quilt Show Challenge - Just Initial It!
  • Wash your hands! :)

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Our 2020 Donation Quilt to benefit Camp Rainbow. 


Pieceful Hearts Quilters Guild
December 5 @ 11:00AM-1:00PM Quiltastic Open House

December 7 @ 7:00PM  Quilting Bee

December 10 @ 10:00AM  Quilting Bee